Coeur d’Alene Mountains

The Coeur d’Alene Mountains are the northwestern-most part of the Bitterroot range of the Rocky Mountains. They extend from Coeur d’Alene eastwards into Montana and are bordered to the north and east by Lake Pend Oreille and the Clark Fork river. To the west they are bound by the Selkirk Mountains and to the south Lake Coeur d’Alene, the South Fork of the Coeur d’Alene river, and the St. Regis river. The mountains are named after the Coeur d’Alene tribe.
While not as spectacular as the surrounding mountains (particularly the Cabinets and Selkirks), the Coeur d’Alenes nevertheless offer a few scenic hikes in close proximity to Coeur d’Alene. Unfortunately, more than a century of intense logging and mining has led to a very dense network of forest service roads, clearly at the expense of hiking trails. Today’s web of dedicated hiking trails in fact is somewhat disjointed and shriveled.
The Coeur d’Alene Mountains in Idaho are largely unprotected, but the Montana side includes a few roadless areas. Ownership is mostly in public hands, administered by the Forest Service (Idaho Panhandle respectively Lolo National Forest) and the BLM.
Most of the peaks in the Coeur d’Alene Mountains top out around 6,000 feet.

Photo Trail Rating Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain Duration Type Features
n/a Bernard Peak 2.9 Moderate 17.7 m 3,156 ft 6:01 h Out-and-back Mountaintop
n/a Blossom Lakes Loop 3.2 Moderate 14.0 m 2,652 ft 4:59 h Lollipop Mountaintop, Lake
n/a Blue Creek Bay Loop 2.0 Easy 6.1 m 972 ft 1:49 h Lollipop Lake, Meadow
n/a Canfield Cave Loop 2.1 Moderate 3.5 m 640 ft 1:04 h Loop
n/a Canfield Mountain East Flank 2.7 Moderate 9.5 m 1,952 ft 3:20 h Loop Mountaintop
n/a Canfield Mountain North Side 2.8 Moderate 8.6 m 1,938 ft 2:35 h Out-and-back Mountaintop, Lake
n/a Canfield Mountain South Flank 2.8 More Difficult 3.5 m 1,826 ft 1:22 h Out-and-back Mountaintop
n/a Coeur d’Alene North Fork River Loop 3.9 Moderate 25.4 m 3,291 ft 13:01 h Loop Riverwalk, Grove, Meadow
n/a Cougar Bay Loop 2.7 Moderate 3.3 m 557 ft 1:59 h Loop Lake
n/a Eagle Hut Loop 2.5 Moderate 8.5 m 819 ft 2:57 h Lollipop
n/a East Canfield Butte Loop 2.2 Moderate 8.9 m 1,904 ft 3:48 h Lollipop Mountaintop
n/a English Point Loop 2.0 Easy 5.1 m 227 ft 1:29 h Loop
n/a Farragut State Park Loop 3.0 Easy 13.2 m 593 ft 4:01 h Loop Lake
n/a Fern Falls and Shadow Falls 3.2 Moderate 0.9 m 229 ft 0:17 h Out-and-back Waterfall
n/a Fourth of July Groomed XC-Ski Loop 2.5 Easy 5.5 m 383 ft 1:28 h Lollipop Structure
n/a Fourth of July Pass Mullan Interpretive Loop 2.1 Easy 0.4 m 54 ft 0:12 h Loop
n/a Glidden Lakes Loop 3.4 More Difficult 17.1 m 3,759 ft 6:15 h Lollipop Mountaintop, Lake, Grove
n/a Graham Mountain Loop 3.8 Moderate 16.9 m 4,034 ft 6:18 h Loop Mountaintop, Structure, Grove, Meadow
n/a Granite Peak via Barton Creek 3.1 More Difficult 8.8 m 3,595 ft 6:03 h Out-and-back Mountaintop
n/a Hells Canyon and Nicholas Ridge 3.1 Moderate 10.8 m 1,889 ft 3:49 h Out-and-back Mountaintop, Grove
n/a Heyburn State Park North Loop 3.5 Moderate 18.8 m 2,408 ft 6:23 h Loop Mountaintop, Lake, Grove, Meadow
n/a Heyburn State Park South Loop 2.7 Moderate 16.0 m 3,082 ft 6:11 h Loop Lake, Grove, Meadow
n/a Higgens Point Loop 2.4 Easy 1.2 m 85 ft 0:38 h Loop Lake
n/a Independence Creek to Faset Peak Loop 3.0 More Difficult 25.4 m 3,069 ft 8:17 h Lollipop Mountaintop, Riverwalk, Structure, Grove, Meadow
n/a Jeanette’s Jaunt 2.2 Easy 7.1 m 641 ft 2:41 h Lollipop
n/a Killarney Mountain 2.7 Moderate 7.8 m 1,094 ft 2:31 h Out-and-back Mountaintop
n/a Lost Creek – Trout Creek Loop 3.7 More Difficult 44.0 m 8,270 ft 19:03 h Loop Mountaintop, Lake
n/a Marie Creek Loop 3.1 Moderate 14.3 m 2,096 ft 4:56 h Lollipop Grove, Meadow
n/a Mineral Ridge Loop 3.2 Moderate 3.7 m 1,015 ft 1:08 h Loop Mountaintop
n/a Mount Coeur d’Alene Loop 2.7 Moderate 18.7 m 3,885 ft 6:02 h Lollipop Mountaintop, Grove, Meadow
n/a Revett Lake 3.0 Moderate 6.7 m 976 ft 2:09 h Out-and-back Lake, Waterfall
n/a Schafer Peak via Green Monarch 3.6 More Difficult 9.4 m 2,408 ft 4:46 h Out-and-back Mountaintop
n/a Shoshone Ridge to Little Guard Loop 3.6 Moderate 10.0 m 1,909 ft 3:31 h Lollipop Mountaintop, Meadow
n/a Tubbs Hill Loop 2.8 Easy 2.2 m 193 ft 0:37 h Loop Lake
n/a Upper Independence Creek 3.1 Strenuous 18.6 m 1,909 ft 6:41 h Lollipop Riverwalk, Meadow

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