St. Joe Mountains

The St. Joe Mountains run east-west, sandwiched between the South Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River to the north and the St. Joe River to the south. To the west they are bordered by Lake Coeur d’Alene and the Palouse, and the eastern demarcation is the Bitterroot Mountains. The St. Joe Mountains are part of the Bitterroot Range.

Photo Trail Rating Difficulty Distance Elevation Gain Duration Type Features
n/a Crystal Lake and Pearson Peak 3.6 Moderate 4.2 m 1,067 ft 2:05 h Loop Mountaintop, Lake, Meadow
n/a East Fork Big Creek Loop 3.5 Moderate 30.3 m 4,305 ft 10:06 h Loop Mountaintop, Structure, Meadow
n/a Latour Peak 3.5 Moderate 8.4 m 1,549 ft 2:48 h Out-and-back Mountaintop, Lake, Meadow
n/a Pulaski Tunnel 2.4 Moderate 3.9 m 713 ft 1:17 h Out-and-back Structure

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